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“2015 Roku Private Channels” FREE Roku Movie & TV

Stop searching … Start streaming FREE with Roku

Unlock the full potential of the Roku with additional content from 3rd party channel developers. Our 2015 Roku Private | “Hidden” code list is updated regularly with ALL the latest free Roku private channels.  Find TOP FREE Roku Movie & TV channels in pre-release and/or beta before appearing officially in the Roku Streaming Store.

For those that have “cut/shaved cable” to save money,  check out our listings of FREE Roku Movie & TV channels and FREE Live TV Streams.  No subscriptions.  No registrations.  Just the FREE stuff! 

Looking for live local channels?  If your in an area that can receive local live HDTV channels, build your own low-cost, even FREE, over-the-air HDTV antenna.  We have found and built a number of $0 DIY antennas that perform just as good as the store bought $30-$50 flat antennas.

CheckStreaming media devices:  Roku3 (a popular top pick favorite).

CheckFree Roku private channel favorites (ie.:  NowhereTV)

CheckInstall popular channels like PLEX for additional plugins.

CheckHDTV antenna for your FREE local channels.

At StreamFREE.TV, we are not interested in the illegal “how-tos” of channel development.  Free does not mean ripping live sporting streams, Pay-Per-View events, or other copyrighted content without authorization. We respect all 3rd party Terms of Service.

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