Is a 1TB Data Cap enough?

Is 1TB enough?
Doesn’t look like it!

Comcast states

What can you do with a terabyte? A whole lot. You can stream about 700 hours of HD video, play 12,000 hours of online games, and download 60,000 high-res photos in a month.

Believing what Comcast says, you would think 1TB is enough for a family of 5?  Yet, our family is creeping closer to that magical 1TB limit set by many providers.  We are not even streaming 100% of our video content as we supplement with –

  • A basic Comcast cable package (Bundle price is about the same price as internet-only).
  • No subscription to SlingTV, DIRECTVNOW, PSVue.  Maybe a trial here or there.
  • Netflix 1 screen in SD plan. No Ultra-HD.
  • 15 Over-the-Air stations.
  • No 4K.

I wonder why the below Comcast promo video has so many downvotes?