2016 FREE Roku Horror (with fewer Ads)


2016 FREE Horror on Roku

Don’t torture yourself by installing an AD rat – INFESTED Horror Channel

“FREE” doesn’t have to be ad torturing experience.

10.15.16 –  Roku channel index is being rebuilt for AD-FREE.


Check YouTube & DailyMotion for HORROR-themed channels.
Create a FREE account and subscribe to user channels & playlists

Unfortunately, many (if not all) of the FREE Roku Horror-themed channels are loaded with ads. These Roku public domain horror channels exist for one reason: ad-revenue.  With 10 million Roku users,  a good viewing experience is not top priority for the developer.

“Watch my 3 of 3 ads and leave – bandwidth costs $$$”

A much better viewing experience can be found on popular channels such as Crackle, Pluto.TV, FilmOn  that have HORROR categories with fewer ads.  In addition, horror-themed channels exist on YouTube and DailyMotion.