$5 DIY HDTV Antenna

Get your local ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS channels for FREE!
With a $5 DIY HDTV


Since June 12, 2009, all over-the-air TV broadcasts are broadcasting in digital.

Source/Reference: www.kipkay.com
Template: www.kipkay.com/docs/

Build time:  <1hr
Skill level:  EASY
Cost:  Free!

Yes, that is a school binder

HDTV building TipsDouble up on the aluminum foil when tracing/cutting out the foil template.  Even go with 3 sheets for even a thicker antenna.  Xacto knife highly recommended.

Un-amplified pulled in 12 channels out of 16.  With an amplifier, received 14 channels with strong solid signal.  Nothing hard or complicated with this build.  Took less than an hour.  Cheated and used a school binder for the project.  Realized after the build that the metal binder rings probably interfered with the performance.

Check the reception maps for available local channels in your area by zipcode.  Any channels within a 35mi range of your zipcode, a DIY HDTV antenna may work!