Cord Cutting 101

Cord Cutting 101

A simple cord cutting guide


  • Don’t go full retard and cut-cable first
    • Can be a pain & cost $$$ to go back
  • Try cord-cutting for 1 month
    • Like it, then cut cable and shove the cable box across the ComCrap counter.
    • If not, sell your ~$30 streamer & antenna on Ebay – lesson learned

1-2-3 Cord Cutting Guide

  1. Check for LOCAL FREE Over-the-Air Channels
  2. Check for Streaming DEALS!
    • buy a low-cost $20-$30 streaming device: Roku, Amazon Fire, Android TV
  3. Take advantage of  1 week & 1+ month FREE Channel & App Trials
    • Keep the one(s) you like
    • Cancel the junk before end of trial period

That’s it!

A few cord-cutters can save $100’s of dollars. Others, like me, go with the cheapest Comcast cable-internet bundle package and supplement with one or two streaming subscriptions.  It works for me.  I save $20-30/mo.

TipCord-cutting is not for everyone.


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