Q:  Can I really cut-cable and stream TV ALL FOR FREE?
A:  ALL for FREE?  NO.  Not legally.  You can get close to FREE.
A:  Use the FREE channels & apps. Take advantage of FREE 30+ day Trials.

Q:  What do I get close to FREE & LEGAL TV?
A:  We like FREE DEALS, 30-Day plus TRIALS, PROMOS.
A:  100’s of FREE channels & apps.  Some even ad-free.
A:  Over-the-Air HDTV.  There are reports of some getting over 100+ channels!

Q:  Where can I find FREE MOVIES?
A:  JustWatch Search Engine Finds Free TV Shows
A:  Reelgood search

Rotate the FREE Trials.
Check for FREE, local over-the-air  channels

Q:  What is one favorite FREE & legal cord-cutting app
A:  We like Pluto.tv as the app-channel feels like a cable tv box w/TV guide.

Q:  Any other suggested legal apps/channels/addons.
A:  Hoopla and Kanopy.  Borrow online from your local library.  Libary?  What is that?
A:   Take a look at PlayOn, Plex.  These are transcoding apps that take FREE & legal online content and consolidate it all into one interface.

Q:  Can I watch FREE Movie Channels?
A:  Yes. But, expect to watch a few ads, older movies, public domain, B movies.
Tubi TV, VUDU Movies on Us, Crackle, Viewster
100’s of FREE public domain channels in the Roku Channel Store
Take advantage of the FREE TRIALS.   Rotate them.
Pluto.tv has several movie genre channels:  sci-fi, horror, westerns, cartoons, etc.

Q:  Can I watch FREE, LIVE (& LEGAL) TV Channels?
A:  Yes.  But, majority are News Channels.
A:  Search  YouTube.  100’s of LIVE streams.  Several from official channels. Add/subscribe to them.
A:  Pluto.tv is becoming a great app/channel that is consolidating all LIVE channels into ONE.

Q:  How do I watch my local channels?
A:  Use the free online checker tools to see what is available in your area (ie. tvfool.com)
A:  If any marked green,  get a low-cost antenna.
A:  You may be surprised by the number and quality of channels in your area!
A:  Use the FREE trials.  Streaming services (SLING TV, DIRECTVNOW) are now adding local affiliates.

Q:  What about low-cost IPTV services offering 100’s of LIVE TV & MOVIES for ~$10/mo.
A:   Most likely “Pirate TV”.  Sorry.

Additional Cord-Cutting TIPS from various forums/groups:
(Suggestions only. YOU may not agree with many.  It’s okay!)

  1. Rescan for NEW over-the-air channels every few months.  New channels are being added.
  2. Take advantage of all the deals, trials, and promos.  ROTATE THROUGH TRIALS.
    • No need for 10 pay subscriptions at once.
    • Rinse & repeat.  With different household member, devices, emails, credit cards.
  3. The best streaming service is the ONE YOU LIKE.  Use the FREE trials.