FilmOn on Roku – Official vs Unofficial channels

FilmOn is an internet based television provider that offers free and pay subscriptions  for access to over 500 live streaming TV channels and video on demand.  In addition, FilmOn offers a REST API that allows developers to take advantage of their ad network and content offerings. 

There are several Roku channels that take advantage of the legal to use FilmOn REST API.

Official Website:

On Roku:

The Official FilmOn channel is painfully slow on anything less than a Roku4, whereas the unofficial FilmOn channel is better optimized.  Viewers have noticed the unofficial app and commented.

Love it! works great!

You need to call FilmOn and and these other guys tring to do this. Your app is better than both of theirs.

ROKU 3 and seeing no appreciable slow down nor dragging of anything. (more viewer comments)

The XTV Roku private channel is another popular channel with viewers.  XTV is an IPTV channel that supports all Filmon UK channels.  However, there is no programming guide like the unofficial FilmOn version.

As they are FREE, try all the versions to see which one you like best.