Free Trials of Streaming Services

Take advantage of FREE Streaming Trials!

Many streaming services offer easy-to-cancel trials.  During specials, promos and deals  these trials may last a few months.  YouTube RED occasionally offers 3-month trials.  DIRECTVNOW is currently offering a 1-month Roku promo.


A: In every free trial listing (example: Boomerang), we include a link to the “HOW DO I CANCEL?”

Q: SlingTV vs. DIRECTVNOW vs. PSVUE vs. YOUTUBE TV vs … which one is best?

A:  The best one is the ONE YOU LIKE.
A:  Many major streaming services and bundles offer a FREE TRIAL.

Give SlingTV a try for 1-week then PSVUE and continue through all the major services.  You may like the interface of one streaming service better than the other.  Or, you realize YOUR favorite channel is not included in one bundle.

Unfortunately, most free trials require registration and a credit card.  A 1-day trial may not be worth the time, but a 1-month+ free trial may have some value.  Don’t wait until the last day of the trial to find where to cancel.  Even before starting your trial check on how-to-cancel.  An online cancel subscription button is much easier than talking to a live person or the dreaded contact support to cancel.

TipRotate through the FREE Trials.
If done right, you can almost get a year of streaming FREE.

TipDon’t forget to cancel before the end of the trial.
Set a reminder on your phone, calendar, sticky.