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We’re just a couple of retired people living on a hobby farm, raising goats, ducks and chickens.  We first put the cameras up to show family, but decided that perhaps others would like to enjoy the antics of our goats as well, and we were right!  Goatslive has been seen from 140 countries to date. We have multiple cameras on the goats, so you can enjoy them wherever they are!

GoatsLive channel takes advantage of online FREE resources to build, and if desired, monetize an online business.

  • Cost to build a Roku channel using InstantTVChannel – FREE!
  • Cost for a LIVE YouTube channel – FREE.
  • Cost for website hosting – Cheap (even FREE).
  • Cost for a Live Stream – FREE*

*Live video is hosted by an outside company. We (GoatsLive) have no control over the ads you might see in the video, they come from that company. Sadly, we see no money from those ads.

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Viewer Comments on GoatsLive:

  • Can’t get enough of Goats in a tree.
  • This is why the internet was invented.