What are some good free movie channels on roku?

New to cord-cutting?
What are some good free movie channels on roku?

You can search the 5000+ offical channels in the Channel Store.  According to the average Roku user, 99% of the channels in the Roku channel Store are ad-infested, public domain or religious junk. Or, you can  search online for the bogus lists advertising 1000+ private hidden Roku Channels.

TipThere are no 1000+ Roku PRIVATE Channel Codes.
Never was. Never will be.

We have been listing FREE Roku private channels since 2011.  Back in the early “Wild West days of Roku”, new private channels were actively being developed and published daily.  Today, maybe 5-10 private channels are worth installing and are of questionable legality.  Unless you like private adult channels.


“What are your favorite FREE Roku Channels?”

Channel listings/index/guide:

Listed below are the majority of the frequently mentioned channels by Roku users on various facebook groups, forums and social media for newbie cord-cutters to install.

FREE Public:

Pluto.tv, CometTV, TheCW, CW Seed, VuduMoviesOnUs(free), PBS, PBS Kids, Smithsonian, TubiTVPopcornFlix, Crackle, FoTV, Plex, YouTube, NewsOn

Others mentioned, but not frequently on every post: Documentary Depot, WeatherNation

FREE Private:

XTV, NEWSWIRE, USTVNOW, ChannelPEAR, NowhereTV, CCloud, FilmOn unofficial


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