How-To: Install Kodi app on Amazon Fire Stick 2 (verified 26Oct16)

calvin yellI just want a simple install method that STILL works

Which method: Apps2Fire, adbLink, ES FileExplorer?
What is the easiest & safest method to install Kodi?


Our pick:  Apps2Fire method
Verified: 26Oct16 on the new FireTV stick.  Short & easy w/no issues.


  • Android Phone or tablet to install Apps2Fire & Kodi apps on
  • FireTV stick
  • Phone/tablet on same network as FireTV stick

What is the basic install steps:

Apps installed are from the OFFICIAL GooglePlay Store. No unknown .apk packages. Procedure is basic.  Nothing sketchy in my opinion.

  • Install the official Kodi app on your phone/tablet (~35MB) for transfer.
  • Install the official App2Fire app on your phone/tablet.
  • Open App2Fire and transfer the Kodi app to your Amazon FireTV stick.
  • Uninstall the phone Kodi & App2Fire apps on phone.
  • That's it!

Detailed Procedure:


  1. Get the IP of your FireTV stick:  Settings -> System -> About -> Network .    (ie. mine was
  2. Enable ADB Debugging & Apps from Unknown Sources:  Setting -> System -> Developer Options (Note: I needed both enabled)
  3. adb-firestickThat's it!  Time to move to the app transfer step

On Android Phone/Tablet:

  1. Install Kodi app from GooglePlay Store
  2. Install App2Fire from GooglePlay Store
  3. Open the App2Fire
  4. Navigate to Setup tab:  Enter the IP address of your FireTV.
  5. Navigate to Local Apps tab:  Find the Kodi App in the list .
  6. Select the Kodi app in the list & install.
  7. screenshot_kodi-app2fire
  8. That's it!


  1. A notification on Fire TV that app was installed successfully.
  2. Verify install on Fire Stick:  Apps - > Your Apps Library ->  look for the Kodi symbol.
  3. Enjoy KODI! on FireTV stick 2.