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In the various Roku Facebook groups, many complaints about having to watch a repeating ad on EVERY channel load on the IPTV player in the channelstore.  We verified and it was true! Even if the stream didn’t play, we had to suffer through an ad.   A standalone player has no running costs to the developer. Pure profit at the expense of the viewer.  In addition another ad-infested channel – NASA TV – is profiting on a free tax supported .m3u8 public stream.  Long story short, with a few hours of development there is now a FREE! No ADS! .m3u/.m3u8 Player published.

How do we know?
We built it & published it – FREE w/NO ADS!!!

100% RSG coding (scenegraph)

But, what is a .m3u/.m3u8?  Think of them as URLs to live streams that can be watched on Roku.

Are IPTV .m3u8 streams LEGAL?

Yes & No.  NASA public is legal.  TWiT LIVE provides and advertises a legal public .m3u8. There ARE legal .m3u8 streams.  There ARE questionable .m3u8 streams as well.   How you use the player is up to you! But we do like watching a tax supported FREE NASA Stream without watching an AD!

What is a .m3u8? (wiki)

Nothing shady.  A file with the M3U8 file extension is a UTF-8 Encoded Audio Playlist file. They are plain text files that can be used by both audio and video players to describe where media files are located (a URL).

Example .m3u8 for NASA TV Public:

http:[email protected]/master.m3u8

What is a .m3u? (A playlist of multiple .m3u8 streams)

M3U is a computer file format for a multimedia playlist. … Although originally designed for audio files, such as MP3, it is commonly used to point media players to audio and video sources, including online sources.

Our example Playlist & same playlist on Pastebin:

#EXTINF:-1,NASA Public

Where can I find IPTV streams for my own custom playlist?

  • Search Pastebin for other shared playlists or pick favorites to make your own playlist.
  • Search Google as there are many IPTV websites & forums dedicated just to IPTV streams.
  • Be careful, many IPTV websites can be shady.

How can I make my OWN custom Playlist?

  1. Use PASTEBIN for creating/uploading/sharing playlists
    • Create a free account.  Paste a playlist (see above example).  Grab the RAW URL.
    • FREE, quick and easy.
  2. Enter into the raw playlist URL into the Roku IPTV channel(s)
  3. Watch your favorites FREE w/no-ads.