Link & Pair TV to YouTube

ANY PC browser


Your not just stuck using Chrome!  Verified on Firefox & IE.

Pair a desktop browser to your Roku YouTube streaming app.  No tab-casting.
Verified to work on Firefox & IE.  Chrome already has built in


Step 1: On your ROKU YouTube app.  Open settings (gear icon).

Step2: Go to Link TV & Phone.  Navigate to Link Code.  You will see the linking code

Step 3: Go to in browser of YOUR choice. Verified working in Firefox and obviously Chrome.

Step4:  Enter code.  NOTE:  Don’t close the browser used for pairing to TV.

Step5:  Your open Firefox, Chrome, IE??? browser is now linked to your Roku YouTube App
You should see a cast icon in bottom right on ANY embedded player.

Click & CAST AWAY to YouTubeTV.

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NOTE: Follow the pairing procedure first before entering the index below