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m3u “black” is back

Yes, we have moved it around during development.
It is now back!  And in black!
Code: m3u

+ADD to Roku (Code: m3ublack)

All of the popular streaming devices (android, FireTV, AppleTV) have several m3u players in their official channel stores.  Roku has only ONE and it is ad-enabled by the developer.  Not enjoyable to use at all.  Recently, the developer has lowered his ad frequency in response to  our FREE, NO-AD m3u “Black” player.  Competition is GOOD!  For those that like the public “red” grid style version of m3u over list, you no longer have to watch ads on every stream.

The FREE, NO-AD m3u player is built on the latest Roku scenegraph coding with sliding panels and preview windows.

Being a non-certified channel, we can quickly add new features based on user feedback we receive in our listings comments  and in various forums/groups.

  • Add to Favorites
  • Unlimited playlist slots
  • Quickly add/edit/delete playlists
  • Quick keys for popular URL shorteners
  • Multiple stream format retry
  • Added support for vodcasts/podcasts
  • Added audio support
  • .. and more

As with most IPTV players, this one is BLANK of playlists and content.  You find the content YOU want to watch.  The player not only support m3u playlists, but also itunes video/audio podcasts.  Many forums/groups are dedicated to iptv, m3u, podcast streaming.

All great, but What is a m3u?  What is a Playlist? Where do I find them?

Enjoy this FREE player by StreamFREE.TV.   We like FREE!  We like no-ads! and WE LIKE Roku!