New Amazon Fire TV Stick – Now available (Oct 20, 2016)

Amazon Fire TV Stick
  • KODI can be side-loaded
  • Low-cost w/many features
  • Cheapest device with Alexa Voice
  • Amazon interface pushes towards Amazon products
  • New interface coming soon

Amazon Fire Stick 2

Quick Highlights:

Buy as a 2nd low-cost second streamer to cover what is missing on Roku (ie. kodi) and AndroidTV.  Alexa voice  is worth the price alone.  Actually feels like someone intelligent is on the other end. Say-

  • “Play top music hits, a song, or artist” –  finds the song and it plays!
  • “Skip/next” – Alexa goes to next song
  • “Top news stories” – it plays a flash NPR briefings


  • A low-cost device packed with many features
  • Cheapest device to support Alexa voice
  • Kodi can be installed. Rumors were wrong.


  • Still the old interface
  • Pushes user to Amazon products