No Subscriptions – PLEASE!

No Subscriptions! No Trials!
I don’t want to give out my credit card
I don’t want to worry about cancelling
Just some FREE TV, news and maybe a movie


We hear you!  I just finished wrapped up my SLING TV 1 week TRIAL and cancelled.  Why?   I didn’t watch it more than a few times.   There was plenty of content.  In fact too much.  Felt exhausted navigating through the channels of the FREE Trial.  The SlingTV trial was good.  Just select everything. and you get everything for a week – FREE!

Problem is:  I am one that does not watch much TV to justify a monthly subscription.

Whoa … not the typical American munching on Doritos binge watching movies?  Not a sports addict?  Big cable and now alternative cable (Sling, PSVUE, DIRECTNOW)  hates people like us. At most, I need something like “A la carte” where I pick 5 channels (ie. AMC,etc) for <$10/mo.  Won’t happen.  Why? No profit, no incentive for big cable.

TipMany affiliate Cord-Cutter sites push ONLY affiliates. (ie. subscription services)
Yes … FREE TV can be good and even LEGAL to stream.