Non-certified | Private channels warning

What does this mean?

If Roku pulls a non-certified “questionable” channel and you have it installed on your box,  your account is blocked from adding any additional non-certified channels

This means:

No adding beta channels
No adding development channels
No adding adult channels
No more GoatsLIVE!!!

Is it a rumor? No.

Why the change?  We joke that Roku has too many “ad-infested” & religious channels.  They also have a major problem with shady subscription IPTV services.  100’s of these services (ie. MachTV, QuarksPro, Pix, etc) are listed on Ebay.  These services are literally a franchise business with each affiliate having their own private channel.  When Roku takes one down, these affiliates quickly republish under a new code.  A game of Whack-a-Mole.  Roku is upping the game by going after the end-user.  If Roku removes a channel and you attempt to re-install the same service under a new code,  your account may get banned from further non-certified channels.

Facts:   Roku has recently updated their warning notice when adding non-certified channels. (see below)

Is it by device or by account?  New warning does say “your account”.  Not by device serial.  Guess you could always unlink your device and open a new account.

Are ALL private channels going away? No.  IPTV subscription services offering 100’s of cable channels are on the radar.  Don’t worry about GoatsLIVE and other legal non-certified private channels.  They will remain.

Are there are “questionable” channels?   We do not list any subscription pay streaming services. We do our best to scrub the obvious channels.   If you do find one, use the report the listing button or contact us.

The new warning when adding channels is real
The below pic (circulating on Facebook) could be photoshopped, but I doubt it.