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If your following & installing Roku private channels, you probably have come across a few channels by Roku developer – NowhereMan.  The NowhereTV Roku private channel is one of the most popular offering FREE international live streams and more.

NowhereTV is actively discussed, if not the most active thread, on the Official Roku Forums.

  • “This is quite a gem – especially for news junkies!”
  • “Must have”
  • “One of my fav’s. Interesting content and good variety! I check it almost daily:)”

Tip For those that enjoy NowhereTV,  a pay channel offering more curated content is NowhereCast at $0.99 per month.

NowhereTV is not the only FREE Roku private channel by NowhereMan.  In fact, our TOP Roku Private channel index includes many of the easily recognized green/black iconic Nowhere channels.  Nowhere Scope, Nowhere Kat, Nowhere Vine and Nowhere Stream are a few additions to the library of FREE Roku Private Channels.

Nowhere TV

Nowhere Periscope

Nowhere Vine

Nowhere Stream

A few of the many NowhereMan Roku private channels

What is a Roku Private Channel? 

Roku does not review or approve private channels. So why would a developer choose to release a channel as a private channel instead of submitting it to the Roku Channel Store? A few reasons:

  • The channel isn’t ready for the Roku Channel Store. Developers use private channels to test their apps during the development process.
  • The channel contains content not appropriate for the Roku Channel Store. An adult-oriented channel is a good example of a channel that Roku would not publish publicly.
  • The channel contains content that is confidential or intended for members or employees in a specific group or company. For example, a company might develop a channel that contains training videos for franchisees.

Last month, Roku users installed more unique private channels than unique public channels. Nearly 25% of all active Roku users have installed a private channel on their Roku players at some point.

 (Source: Roku Blog)