FOTV on Roku



FOTV offers both Live TV channels and On Demand content from around the world, for free! The Live TV section has more than 500 channels of sports, movies, music, news, and international programming. The On Demand section has more than 50,000 titles. Did we mention that it’s free?

“The FOTV Channel brings a rich library of on-demand and live content to Roku users.”  The channels are linear streams of extremely specialized content, supported by ads.   The on-demand content is also free and ad-supported, and includes movies, music, TV shows, videos and documentaries.

The Roku private version of the FilmOn channel (code: NMEVA) has been listed in our index since 2015.  The only obvious difference between the two appears to be the logo graphics.


Unfortunately, the channel interface is still painfully sluggish on the older Roku models (ie. Roku 2).   Roku 3, Roku4, Premiere and Ultra users should not have the same performance issues. Many Roku users have commented that they prefer the interface of the unofficial FilmOn private channel (code: arteseafon) over the official one.


Unofficial Filmon (private code: arteseafon)