Which one for Kodi? Roku vs. Android TV vs. FireTV

Which One?

Depends:  Is having KODI a requirement?

 Odds are your visiting StreamFREE looking for FREE streaming solutions whether it be legal or illegal.  Many quickly realize we do not dwell much on the illegal aspect of streaming and they leave.  All good – I understand.  Unfortunate as there IS good FREE & LEGAL content to be watched.

There is nothing illegal about the KODI app

The add-ons are questionable.  Hundreds exist in easily searched for in unofficial repositories with a thinly worded – We take no liability for any of these Add-ons written by 3rd parties. We are not responsible for their content. 

I realize the average attention span is <15 sec on posts!
Keeping it short & simple to – What streamers can I install Kodi on?



Our Kodi Streamer Pick

Xiaomi Mi Box 2016

Quick bullet points:

  • Roku – NO.
  • Android TV – YesOFFICIAL app. Large established underground KODI community. Enough said 😉 .
  • Fire TV & stick – Yes – can be installed as a sideloaded app.
  • Done! My 15 secs are up.




  • (-) No Kodi
  • (+) Alternative – Plex


Android TV

  • (+) OFFICIAL Kodi
  • (+) Easy install
  • (+) Kodi Addons-Repos
  • (+) Large active community of developers


Amazon Fire

  • (+) Unofficial Kodi
  • (-) Needs to be side-loaded
  • (-) Threat of being banned