How can I watch local network channels?


With Aereo gone, how do I stream TV shows?

  1. Several FREE OFFICIAL Roku channels do stream local news channels
  2. Check out Roku Private channel NowhereTV
  3. Excellent article on the alternatives exists from
  4. If your in an urban area, hook up the old rabbit ear TV Antenna

TipThere really is no such thing as a HDTV or digital TV antenna.  The old rabbit ear antennas WILL work to receive HD signals.

 HDTV Antenna



Buy or build?

After adding up the time spent, materials bought, and gas to hardware store to build a HDTV antenna, did I really save $$$ building one? No.  Time and materials ended up costing more than buying a cheap, paperback book size  HDTV antennas on Amazon.


  Recommend building a HDTV antenna just for curiosity/fun.  Not to save money.


Your local ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS channels

Since June 12, 2009, all over-the-air TV broadcasts are broadcasting in digital.  HDTV broadcast quality is often superior to the quality of the same HD programs received through cable. Not only is the quality better than cable, over the air HDTV is free.

Find available local channels in your area.  If there are channels available in your area, hook up an antenna to your TV.  Antennas today can be small and can be hidden from view.

Check the reception maps for available local channels in your area by zipcode.



HDTV antennas can be found ~$30-100+ price range.
I have a MOHU and can say it does work as advertised

Get $250 in special offers when you buy a Mohu HDTV antenna!

CheckInterested in building your own HDTV antenna?