NEW – Roku Direct Publisher – No coding required – FREE!

This is why StreamFREE.TV  ♥’s the Roku!

NEW – Direct Publisher offered by ROKU – FREE!

A FREE, easy-to-use web application for building high-quality, fully-featured Roku channels without writing any code.

Direct Publisher creates clean, fully-featured, easily navigable Roku channels

Direct Publisher is a free, easy-to-use web application for building high-quality, fully-featured Roku channels without writing any code. It provides a great solution for publishers and content creators interested in quickly bringing their content to the Roku audience without incurring huge development costs.


Above Average, Baeble Music, Comedy Dynamics, Cracked, FailArmy, Great Big Story, MashableSuper Deluxe, UPROXX and XLTV by XLrator Media are also now available. These channels have been built using our newly announced Roku Direct Publisher solution which lets content creators launch a channel very quickly.  (source: Roku Blog)

Key benefits

There are several benefits for using the Direct Publisher tool to build a Roku channel, including:

  • Free — There are no fees for using the Roku Direct Publisher.
  • No coding — Direct Publisher is a feed-based channel creation tool. This means there is no coding or programming knowledge required. Anyone with an MRSS or JSON feed can quickly and easily create a channel.
  • Fully-featured / No maintenance — Channels built using Direct Publisher all share the same code base, which is maintained and updated by Roku. New features introduced to the Roku Platform are automatically added to Direct Publisher channels, ensuring your channel stays fully optimized. By passing off maintenance responsibilities to Roku, publishers can focus on building their brand and creating quality content.
  • Monetization — Direct Publisher channels can be monetized by serving ads to their viewers. Publishers can choose to use their own ad servers, or they can opt to have Roku serve ads for them.
  • Analytics — Our custom analytics dashboard highlights several key performance metrics, such as number of channel installations, hours streamed, etc.
  • Customizable — You’ll be able to organize and display your content in different categories by using tags and playlists. You can also customize your channel with your brand’s logo, assets, and colors.