Roku Private | Non-Certified Channel Development

Interested in Roku channel Development?
No idea where to begin?
You are in the RIGHT SPOT! Ideal for any beginner.

We are restarting our Roku channel development resources, templates, tutorials, tips and more.

We are cleaning up our resources, guides & posts to SceneGraph

A Roku private and public channel can be built, published and maintained for FREE.  Roku does not charge $$$ to publish a channel.  The only expense in maintaining a Roku channel is content hosting and bandwidth.  However, low-cost options do exist for those starting out (ie. Vimeo Pro).

Roku Developers are offering on GitHub and Sourceforge FREE templates, codes, tutorials and more to those interested in learning Roku channel development.

Roku is moving (should say – has moved) to SceneGraph

Effective immediately: No new features will be added to the legacy SDK visual screens
July 1, 2017: All new channels must use RSG or Direct Publisher
January 1, 2018: All channel updates must use RSG or Direct Publisher
January 1, 2019: Legacy visual screen components will be removed from Roku OS

Some examples:

  • FREE template for easy customization:  belltown/Roku-NewVideoPlayer (obsolete ROKU LEGACY SDK)
  • Official RokuDEV documentation w/recent updates:

What we offer:

  • A community of established viewers & developers ready to offer feedback on your channel.
  • FREE development resources, templates, online channel builders and more.
  • Get the audience you deserve with a FREE listing and advertising for your ROKU PRIVATE CHANNEL.

Where can I find more info: