Roku Secret Screens Updated

Roku Secret/Hidden Screens:

UPDATE 11.10.15:  Verified working.  Added a few missing ones.

  Debug option screen has a few useful options:  update software, cycle channel store. reboot device.  Temp monitoring and Wi-Fi signal optimization are also useful. 

TipBe careful!  Probably nothing that will “brick” your Roku permanently.  But, there are a few setting that will certainly mess things up. (ie. quality settings)


  • Home:5, FF, Play, RW, Play, FF  – Secret Platform Screen(temp monitor, IP, Wi-Fi SNR)
  • Home:5, FF:3, RW:2 – Secret Screen (factory reset, USB test, cycle channel store, update server/software, enable debug)
  • Home:5, U, R, D, L, U – Secret Screen2 (cycle screenshot,  cycle ad-banner, remote auto-pair, log theme info)
  • Home:3, Up:2, L, R, L, R, L – Installed software versions screen
  • Home:3, U:2, R, L, R, L, REnable developer mode
  • Home:5, RW:3, FF:2Quality settings screen/Bitrate Screen: (set bitrates)
  • Home:5, U, RW: 2, FF: 2Reboot  (will take a few moments for screen to reboot)
  • Home:5, FF, D, RW, D, FF – Secret Antenna Menu
  • Home:5, U, D, U, D, U      – WiFi Secret Menu (Signal strength, TX, RX, glitch/sec, iperf, reset, interference, radio, power)


  • Home:5, R, L, R, L, R – takes you to Network setting screen.  Nothing hidden/secret about this one.
  • DANGER:  Home:6, D:6, Play:6 –  Opens TV portal to the underworld & summons Cthulu.

Useful picks:

  • Home:5, FF, Play, RW, Play, FF  – Temp monitoring & Fan speed on Roku 4
  • Home:5x, FF, D, RW, D, FF – Secret Antenna Menu (video below)