2015 Halloween Horror Stream It FREE!

ch_halloweenAre we going to get an OFFICIAL Halloween channel from Roku this year!?!

If you have a subscription streaming service such as Netflix, Amazon or Hulu, there is a likely a Horror genre category to get your Halloween scare fix.  For those without a subscription and looking for FREE Horror,  there ARE alternatives.  Roku in the past has released an Official Halloween channel for their viewers with a few free movies, clips and fun stuff.  Still time for Roku not to disappoint.

Roku has many FREE Horror-only channels in their Streaming Channel Store.  For a cable like experience, Pluto.tv has 3 channels just for horror, zombie and haunted tv streaming.  Or,  search YouTube for channel content owners offering a curated playlist of Halloween Horror for “cast-to-tv” streaming.

FREE Streaming Alternatives

NEW private Roku Halloween Channels just been released by 3rd party developers.  In addition, there are a number of FREE Roku Horror-only channels.

Streaming Channel Store search:

Roku Private Channels:

Halloween Radio!

The Veil
This free app contains uncut  episodes of the entire anthology series of this rare lost TV show hosted by Boris Karloff!

YouTube “Cast-to-TV” Horror Indexes & Search

Below are a few indexes and searches for finding FREE FULL HORROR MOVIES to stream.

TipUse a Chrome browser w/cast-extension enabled so you see the cast-to-tv icon.
Or, open the YouTube video in the YouTube app of a tablet.


Yahoo Halloween search for Family/Kids:

On Pluto.tv

Three channels on Pluto.tv have linear, cable-like programming.