Your First Roku Channel: Getting Started – links, examples & more

Your First Roku Channel: Getting Started

Interested in Roku Channel Development?
Little to no coding experience?

Roku has FREE resources & templates

For many, the best way to learn is by side-loading the official development examples.  Below are links to the official Roku dev repositories on Github and Sourceforge.  In addition, Roku Dev Blog is a great resource for additional examples, codes and the latest news.


Getting Started with Roku using Official Guides:

  1. Roku Developers – Getting Started
  2. Device Setup Guide for Roku Developers
  3. Building a ‘Hello World!’ Roku Channel

Official repositories of examples/templates:

  1. Hello World
  2. Roku Dev Repository on Github
  3. Roku examples on Sourceforge

3rd Party Templates worth checking:

  1. Belltown/NewVideoPlayer
  2. Open Rokn (no longer updated, but still working)