YouTube 4K – Feed that new streamer quality content

Feed that new 4K media streamer quality 4k content!


Not here to debate whether the YouTube app is truly streaming 4K content.  Manufacturers are spec’ing their media streamers as capable of 4K streaming.  YouTube settings allow for setting video playback quality to 2160p.  You be the judge.  If anything, the videos are beautiful and mesmerizing in any format whether it be 1080p, 4K or recorded in an upcoming 5K+ format (as stated in some video titles).

TipVerify the YouTube video settings are set to 2160p for the best quality.  By default, the quality setting will be on “Auto”.  Should see the 4k on the settings gear.


TipChrome browser w/cast-extension enbaled or YouTube app.  Look for that cast icon to cast-to-tv.  casticon


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