YouTube Kids now works with YouTube Red

Did you take advantage of the 4 month FREE Trial of YouTubeRED that was posted in July?
 Current offer is only 1-month FREE, but we will keep a lookout for and update with any better deals.

TipIf you take the FREE 1 month now, you may not eligible for a better deal in the future. 


We’ve heard from families that they’d love the option of these features in the YouTube Kids app. So today we’re excited to say it’s here – the YouTube Kids app now works with YouTube Red in the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand!  Use YouTube Red with the YouTube Kids app and let the kids explore their curiosity without paid ads

Not everyone is happy.  There are always a few haters.  Comments on the YouTubeKIDS announcement.

  • cool another way for YouTube to take my money and exploit impressionable kids.
  • so instead of making money of ads, you have to pay for them to go away………………. your still making money you greedy gits.