2020 Cord-Cutting Tips

2020 Cord-Cutting Tips

FREE money-saving tips for 2020
Local over-the-air channels • FREE AVOD Services

FREE Local Over-the-Air Channels (if available)

Check for available channels in your area [online reception map links].  Rescan for new & moving channels. Get antenna recommendations from the pros with backgrounds in antenna theory and design [over-the-air group/forums].  A simple $5-10 Pennyloop DIY antenna recommended by the DIY community peforms better than my $50+ junk indoor flat antenna.


AVOD (FREE – Advertisement based video on demand)- Pluto TV, Xumo, Tubi

Ad-based VOD is a model that is FREE for users.
Upside: No subscriptions.  No credit cards.  Nothing to cancel.
Downside:  Repetitive ads.

TipI agree that most AdVOD services are ad-infested.
There are a few worth checking out – Pluto TV.

TVOD (Transactional based video on demand)
FREEKanopy, Hoopla.  Library/university pays for each view

Upside: No ADS!
Downside:  Not available everywhere.  Limited selections.

Your local library and university may offer FREE on-demand streaming to a large collection of award-winning films and documentaries.  These services partner with public libraries and universities to bring you ad-free films and series that can be enjoyed on your TV, mobile phone, tablet and online.  Your local taxes/university fees pays for this service.


SVOD❌($$$ – Subscription based video on demand) – Disney+, Netflix, Hulu

TipTake advantage of the FREE trials.
Remember to cancel!