AndroidTV OS ✔️ vs Android Box

AndroidTV OS✔️ vs Android Box

What are the differences? Pros? Cons?

AndroidTV OS certified by Google
Android Boxes are not certified by Google
-No certification – no 4K Netflix.
-No certification – no google casting keys.

AndroidTV OS✔️ :

Most people just want a device that works, with a remote, and from a company with a dedicated support department.

  • Google sanctioned OS that is made for large screens and remotes.
  • Licensed Chromecasting with the necessary google casting keys for .
  • for 1080p or greater Netflix – the box needs Netflix approval
  • You will have the official Google Play Store.
  • Downsides are bootloader is locked.  No Rooting.  No custom ROMs.

Android box:

  • Uses Android OS made for small touchscreen phones and tablets.
  • An unofficial Android TV ROM. Rooting possible. Custom ROMs
  • No official Chromecasting due to no licensed Google casting keys.
  • Can have better specs.  Better chipset. More RAM.
  • Play Store may have to be sideloaded.

OFFICIAL AndroidTV OS✔️ Boxes 

These devices have been tested and certified by Google for androidTV OS.

  • NVIDIA Shield TV (2015-present)
  • Xiaomi Mi Box (2016-present)
  • Razer Forge TV (April-November 2015)
  • Nexus Player (2014-2016)
  • ADT-2 (2018 Developer only)
  • Coming soon – JBL Link Bar Android TV

Android Boxes (100’s of choices)


  • H96 mini TV Box
  • Mecool M8S PRO L 4K TV Box Amlogic S912


“Most people will likely find an Android box with the mobile OS an exercise in frustration, particularly if they have only ever used a Roku! You have to do your homework when buying an Android box, be careful who you buy from, know what to inspect to ensure you actually received what you bought, know how to get into developers options at least to just make sure it didn’t ship with ADB debugging enabled (which a lot of them do), and be prepared to rely on your own capabilities to troubleshoot, because there is no support for the overwhelming majority of these. You also need to know how to root them if you ever want to update the OS.

Most people just want a device that works, with a remote, and from a company with a dedicated support department. Any app you can install on an Android box can also be installed on Android TV. It takes less than 5 minutes to install the Aptoide app store, or any other number of app stores. You then have access to so much more that either version of Google Play Store offers. The Android boxes are better left to more advanced users, and Android TV devices are better suited to the mass majority.

Source: Member post from FACEBOOK GROUP AndroidTV FREE✔️


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