Which DIY HDTV performed best?

DIY FREE Simple Bow-tie

Simpler is better

Out of curiosity, we are comparing  FREE DIY HDTV antennas against a popular Mohu $50 HDTV antenna.  Appears the simplest of all DIY antennas is the best performer.  This may not be true for everyone.  But the raw signal data is below.

Raw signal & SNR data
w/o amplifier


Simple Bow Tie

  • Simplest design of all DIY
  • Best performer

Dual Bow Tie

  • Easy build in less than 15minutes.
  • Best performer.  Even outperformed the Mohu.

Coat Hanger Quad Bow Tie

Scanned all available channels. Good signal/No pixelation.

No amplifier needed.

Easiest to build.

But, the ugliest looking antenna.   One for the attic.

Binder HDTV 

Very surprised at the results.

13+ channels out of 15.

Easy to fabricate

Can be hidden easily from view

Fractal Antenna

Most complicated template for cutting/handling.

Performed poorly in my area

Others have had better success.