Can I install Kodi on Roku?

Can I install Kodi on Roku?
Short answer:  No.

There is no Roku Kodi public, non-certified or sideloadable channel.
A few alternatives – Plex, screen mirroring.

Kodi is fully compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS and Android. Kodi can even be installed on an Amazon FireTV stick.  Why not the Roku platform?

ANSWER:  Given the potentially questionable add-ons available for Kodi, we will not see the official Roku team develop a Kodi channel. Kodi requires a community/team of developers.  A volunteer group of brightscript project developers for Kodi simply does not exist.  Kodi is not an app that can be developed and maintained by one person.

Best alternative(s) to Kodi on Roku:

  • PLEX 
  • Enable Roku Screen Mirroring. Windows/Android Kodi to Roku.