DIY Antenna designs worth building

Before you buy, try a DIY antenna

If your within 30miles from a tower, save a few $$$ and build your own DIY antenna for local channels.

I’ve torn apart a few flat and cheap outdoor antennas.  Nothing more than high priced plastic packaging encasing basic UHF/VHF DIY designs. No alien technology to be found.


I found the Pennyloop the best design. Online reception maps indicate 16 channels in my area.  This design locked in 20 channels.  All stable.  No freezing. No pixelation.

Cheap, quick and easy to build.  Two lengths of 28-28.5″ 6 gauge copper bent into round loops and attached to some scraps found in the garage.

Time:  5min as you can tell from the pic
Cost:  $5 for 5 feet of 6-gauge copper from Lowes.

Mounted in the backyard 5′ off the ground.