DIY Antenna | Build Your Own

Build Your Own Antenna

No need to spend $50+ on a made in china antenna.  Proven antenna designs exist online where a $10 DIY antenna is just as good or even better than a $50+ store bought.

  • 6-Gauge Solid Copper Bare Wire ($0.91 By-the-Foot) - [LOWES]

  • RG6 Coax Cable [Amazon]
  • Impedance Matching Transformer,  75 Ohm to 300 Ohm UHF/VHF FM [Amazon]

  • Antenna Grounding Block (for outdoor)  [Amazon]

  • (optional) - combine 2 antennas) Coax splitter/combiner [Amazon]


  1.  Check the online Reception Maps for channels in your area.
  2.  Use a proven DIY design:  bowtie, pennyloop, stealth hawk.


  1. No need for a complex DIY fractal antenna design.  A simple two loops of 6 gauge copper works great for UHF stations.  Combine a VHF element (2 antennas) with a combiner.
  2. I found 6 gauge wire at Lowes at $0.91/ft.  Easy to work with and bend by hand.
  3. Coax RG6 DOES make a difference over cheap coax.
  4. Use a grounding block.  Using a DIY antenna outside is basically a DIY lightening rod.