Build or Buy a HDTV Antenna

Build or Buy?

If within 30 miles of your TV stations, you can save a few $$$ with a $0 DIY HDTV antenna.  Simple, cheap, and effective store bought antennas can be found for $10-$50.

Tip Use the online reception map tools.
Green/strong <30 miles are $0 DIY favorites. 

  • <30 mi.  A paperclip, 6″ of bare coax. Any $0 DIY HDTV will probably work.
  • 30-50 mi. Store bought indoor flat antenna will work. A $0 DIY maybe.
  • 50+ mi. Attic/outdoor antenna likely needed.

TipUse a known DIY HDTV pattern.  Unless you understand antenna signal/wave theory to research the frequencies, gain, and to calculate the resonant lengths, your wasting your time.

Building a DIY?  Matching transformer.