DIY Pennyloop UHF Antenna

DIY Pennyloop UHF AntennaSave $$$ with this $5 /5min DIY Antenna.
Outperforms a $50 indoor Flat and $40 outdoor Yagi.

Time: <30min
Cost: ~$10

  • 5′ – 6 gauge copper. At Lowes for $.95/foot.
  • 75 to 300 Ohm UHF/VHF Matching Transformer. On Amazon for <$5.
  • RG6 coax cable. Antenna to TV.
  • Scrap wood. Screws to mount

Sill level: Beginner – Simple two lengths of 28″-28.5″ copper bent in a loop.

Results: All 20 channels in my local area. No pixelation. No freezing. No issues.

A simple DIY build that looked very similar to the highly popular ClearStream2V antenna on Amazon. Having taken apart many store bought antennas, the UHF/VHF elements are a simple design behind a fancy plastic housing. The Pennyloop antenna had a design look very similar look to the ClearStream. Two loops of copper elements.


I agree! with this YouTube channel.

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