Eleven New Channels Added To Pluto TV Latino

Eleven New Channels Added To Pluto TV Latino


fan-favorite brands like Nick (Nick Latino), Nick Jr. (Nick Jr. Latino), and Spike (Spike Aventura) to channels dedicated to franchises like “Pluto TV 007 en Español”, a 24-hour dedicated channel streaming 18 original James Bond adventures. Pluto TV will also air award-winning “The Walking Dead en Español” on Pluto TV Cine Estelar every weeknight at 7pm ET, and then replay the show during the weekends on Pluto TV Cine Terror at 4pm and 7pm ET.

The newest additions include:

Dog, el Cazarrecompensas

Go on the prowl with real-life bounty hunter Duane “Dog” Chapman, his wife Beth, and their family as they chase down fugitives in the Hawaiian islands. The hunt is on, and Dog always gets his man on this exclusive 24/7 channel playing in Spanish.

Nick Latino

Welcome to Nick Latino on Pluto TV where you can watch your favorite classic shows in Spanish! Catch “The Fairly OddParents,” “iCarly,” “Rugrats,” “Victorious,” and more! It’s all on Nick Latino on Pluto TV.

Nick Jr. Latino

Welcome to Nick Jr. Latino on Pluto TV where you’ll find your preschooler’s favorite friends, all in Spanish! Watch classic “Blue’s Clues,” “Dora the Explorer,” and many more hit shows on Nick Jr. Latino on Pluto TV.

Pluto TV Cine Acción

Hang on tight! It’s about to get exciting on Pluto TV Cine Acción. Watch Hollywood blockbusters along with native Spanish productions for thrilling adventures any time of day.

Pluto TV Cine Terror

Hold your breath, cover your eyes, and don’t make a sound. Every day, Pluto TV Cine Terror is bringing you the most spine-tingling movies from dubbed American hits to all-Latino scare-fests.

Spike Aventura

Spike Aventura on Pluto TV is round-the-clock action and adrenaline for the adventure lover. Get your octane load and dive into end-of-the-world scenarios, the sharpest and most daring competitions as you venture into the great outdoors.

Pluto TV Naturaleza

Explore the planet and all the amazing creatures that live on it. With Pluto TV Naturaleza, you’ll get up close and personal with wildlife from the cute and cuddly to the poisonous and predatory.

Pluto TV Cocina

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so Pluto TV Cocina shows you how to make the most of it with expert chefs, world-class restaurants, and exotic cuisines. It’s always dinner time on Pluto TV Cocina.

Pluto TV Mundo

Pack your bags and get ready for adventure. Pluto TV Mundo lets you circle the globe as you travel to beautiful locations, meet fascinating people, and learn about unique cultures.

Pluto TV Realities en Español

There’s nothing more fascinating that other humans. See how everyday people live, work, play, and love with this 24-hour channel of fascinating reality programming.

Pluto TV 007 en Español

The action, cars and shaken (not stirred) martinis of the world’s greatest super spy are now in one place: Pluto TV 007. Watch 18 original James Bond adventures 24 hours a day, 007 days a week in Spanish!