Find FREE Local Channels – HDTV antenna

free-local-channels3 EASY Steps to find FREE local channels

Get HD TV Channels for FREE (no cable required)

Three easy steps for finding, buying/building & installing a HDTV antenna for FREE local channels.  For those that like wordy articles/posts,  google search “HDTV antenna” to find the 1000’s of lengthy regurgitated articles on the subject.

STEP 1 FIND local channels available in your area with free online reception map locators.

  • SIMPLE & WORKS.   NO ADS.  NO POPUPS .  NOTHING TO BUY.  Taxpayer dollar supported (
  • Enter zipcode.  Your looking for anything green which is indicating a strong signal.  If so, move on to STEP 2.

STEP 2: Buy or build a HDTV antenna.

  • 100’s of antennas all with pros & cons.  One can find basic designs to something out of StarWars.
  • Or, build-your-own.  More for fun than for saving $$$.

TipStill have the old rabbit ear antenna in a closet.  It may work for locations having strong TV signals.


STEP 3:  Install, position and run a channel scan.

  • Ideally you will get ALL the green channels and even pull in some of the weaker ones.
  • 5 TIPS for getting best signal (source: