FREE B-Movie Channels on Roku

FREE B-Movie Channels on Roku 1Looking for cheesy FREE Sci-Fi, Gore, Horror?
Of course they are bad!  We enjoy them all the same because they make us laugh, and bring back childhood memories of staying up late at night to watch Creature Features.

Roku has a number of B-Movie channels w/Facebook Fan groups.

A FEW FREE B-Movie Picks on Roku:

FREE B-Movie Channels on Roku 2B-Movie TV  (+ADD to Roku)  (on Facebook)

A live 24/7 Live Streaming Channel featuring B-Movies from the most popular genres. Martial Arts, Horror, Action, & Sci-Fi.

FREE B-Movie Channels on Roku 3Shockwerks TV (+ADD to Roku) (on Facebook)

A live 24/7 Streaming channel featuring Horror and Sci-Fi films with movies starting every 2 hours along with original programs.

FREE B-Movie Channels on Roku 4Beta Max TV (+ADD to Roku) (Website) (on Facebook)

Beta Max TV is a completely free movie streaming service featuring hosted horror shows and weird genre films from the 60s, 70s and 80s.

FREE B-Movie Channels on Roku 5BizarreTV (+ADD to Roku)

A live 24/7 Horror streaming channel with a twist of bizarre stuff.

FREE B-Movie Channels on Roku 6

The Essential Sci-Fi Channel (+ADD to Roku)

Classic Science Fiction favorites including alien invaders, monster movies, space heroes and much more!

FREE B-Movie Channels on Roku 7CoolFlix (+ADD to Roku)
Watch over 10,000 FREE movies and TV shows starring your favorite actors. Enjoy films and TV from over 15 different genres, including comedy, horror, action and more.

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