FREE Christmas Streaming Picks (2020)

christmas tree“Where to Watch FREE ” list of Christmas Movies.  24/7 Christmas music.  We cannot forget the 24/7 Yule Log! Now available everywhere.

Season's Greeting on Pluto TV
pluto tv holiday ssPluto TV has added a Season’s Greeting category Pluto Christmas, Pluto Mistletoe, Fireplace, Holiday Lights, Vevo Holiday

24/7 Christmas Music

No Alexa device to say play christmas music? 100's of FREE 24/7 Christmas music channels are available on YouTube.  We have found a few favorites to add.
24/7 Christmas Music
ChannelNameDescriptionWhere to Watch
yt-christmasInstrumental Christmas Music with Fireplace 24/7Relaxing Christmas Songs for Sleep
yt-christmasClassic Christmas Music with a FireplaceClassic Christmas Music with a Fireplace and Beautiful Background (Classics) (2 hours) (2020)
vevo-musicVevo HolidayChannel 247 Vevo Holiday Music - Current and classic

2020 Yule Log

Get the visual crackling fireplace experience on the TV.  Unfortunately, no "Smell-O-Vision" links.  That option costs extra.
ChannelNameDescriptionWhere to Watch
pluto-fireplaceChristmas FireplaceChannel 254 on Pluto TV
yt-fireplace-112 HOURS of Relaxing Fireplace SoundsBurning Fireplace & Crackling Fire Sounds (NO MUSIC)
yt-fireplaceFireplace 10 hoursFireplace 10 hours full HD. 83K upvotes can't be that wrong.
virtual-fireplace🔥Virtual Fireplace™Classic Yule Log Fireplace with Crackling Fire Sounds (HD)

2020 Watch FREE Christmas Movies. TV.

FREE Streaming Christmas Movies.  Where to watch free!  Linear streaming favorites like Pluto TV.  Netflix-like alternative such as Tubi, Vudu. 100's of playlists can be found by search on YouTube.

ChannelNameDescriptionWhere to Watch
tubiTubiHoliday Movies
tubiTubi100's of FREE Christmas themed movies
vuduVuduWatch FREE (with ads)
popcornflixPopcornflixNice selection of FREE by search
crackleCrackleChristmas Movies. TV. Use a keyword search: Christmas

TipYouTube search.  100’s of movies and playlists can be found with favorite Christmas classics.

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