How to stay under your Data Cap? | FREE Over-the-Air

FREE Over-the-Air Local Channels

If you’re a Comcast customer, chances are you’re operating under an effective 1TB data cap Save data & $$$ streaming your local channels over-the-air.

Over 100+ Over-the-Air TV Networks exist.  Watch NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, The CW and more FREE in HD.  Better quality than cable.  No $10+ broadcast cable add-on fee.

Unfortunately, internet-only is even getting expensive. Comcast 100Mbs Perfomance internet-only is now $77.95/mo. with some areas under a 1TB data cap. Go over 1TB and Comcast will charge you $10 in 50GB intervals up to $200 a month. 👍.   In the near future, I am seriously considering dumping Comcast and going mobile-data only.

How to stay under your Data Cap?  If available in your area, stream your locals using an over-the-air antenna.  No need to use gigabytes of data to stream CometTV if a local over-the-air channel is available.

  • Check what is available in your area before  spending$$$ on an antenna.
  • If channels available in your area, build/buy/borrow an antenna.
    • <30 mi. from towers :  indoor/DIY/rabbit ears antenna should work
    • 30-60 mi. from towers:  attic/outdoor antenna probably best.  ClearStream 2MAX UHF/VHF.
    • 60+ mi. from towers:  outdoor.

TipA $5 do-it-yourself (PennyLoop UHF design) antenna or a basic rabbit ears from WallyWorld  is just as good as any flat indoor antenna.

List of United States over-the-air television networks

NBC, CBS, ABC Fox, TheCW, MyNetworkTV, meTV, Antenna TV, Court TV Mystery, Grit, Laff, This TV, Bounce TV, Ion TV, Comet, GetTV, Ion Plus, qubo, Decades, Movies, Cozi TV, Quest, Start TV, Buzzr, Charge!, Retro TV, Light TV, Heartland, Circle, The Country Network, Court TV, Dable, Justice Network, Rev’n, TBD, PBS, PBS Kids, Create, World, NHK World, FNX ,France24, Mind, Classic Arts, DW-TV, Minnesota Channel …