How can I watch FREE without being charged on Roku?

Watch FREE on Roku without the worry of being charged

We get a number of questions/concerns about streaming FREE on Roku.
Will I get charged installing the AMC channel on Roku?
How can I be sure the content is FREE to watch?

Unfortunately, with a payment method set it can be EASY to get into a purchase and/or subscription transaction.  I’ve done it and thankfully the pin required for purchase saved me.

The best solution is to remove the payment method from your Roku account and set a purchase pin.

  1. Create account with no-cc method (verified link still working: 8.14.19)
  2. Remove credit card from your account
  3.  If you use Paypal method.  Login into your Paypal account and unauthorize Roku.
    • "You've authorized use of your PayPal account for future payments to Roku, Inc."
    • Cancel this!

TipSet a purchase pin
Purchases made from channels that bill you directly (e.g., VUDU, Prime Video) are not protected by your Roku account PIN.

Removing the payment method

  1. Go to on your computer or smartphone.
  2. If prompted, sign in to your Roku account.
  3. Click or tap the Update button under Payment method.
  4. Click or tap Remove payment method at the bottom of the page, and confirm.