HELP I need to remove a Roku Private Channel

How-To Remove a Private Channel

TipQuick Tip:Β  (OFFICIAL Roku How-To)
The “*” key on the remote displays an option to remove.

Good stuff, but how do I get rid of it before the parents come home?
Dude, I’m so screwed!

Now that you went on a channel binge install from the over 3000 channels public and private.
The question you now ask – “How do I remove them?”

The Quick 1-2-3 way to remove a channel is from the Home Screen.

  1. From the Home Screen, select a channel you want to remove and press the * button on your remote.
  2. Select “Remove channel” from the popup and press “OK” on your remote to remove that channel from your Roku.
  3. Repeat this procedure for any additional channels you’d like to remove.

Unfortunately, there is no way of removing channels from your account on

It seems strange to me that I can remotely install channels onto my streaming stick using from anywhere in the world, but I can only remove by using the remote * button infront of the TV.Β  – Roku user.