How to watch FREE & LEGAL TV without Cable!

Not everyone is interested in subscription ($$$) streaming services, Kodi addons or shady IPTV services.  There are FREE alternatives. No subscriptions.  No fees.  Nothing to cancel.

Cable-FREE alternatives:

#1 – A low-cost, entry level streamer (Roku/Amazon sticks are perfect cord-cutting devices. )
#2 – FREE apps, channels & trials (Pluto.TV, TubiTV, Vudu Movies)
#3 – FREE Over-the-Air local channels.

TipFREE is not for everyone.
FREE TV is not cable TV.

#1:  Streaming Stick for FREE CHANNELS

There is an overwhelming list of streaming devices – Android, Android TV, Apple, Amazon Fire, Apple, Smart TV, gaming consoles and more.  Nothing wrong with starting out with a low-cost streaming stick by Roku or Amazon.  If you get an itch for more (ie. Kodi), upgrade to a $100+ streamer later and use the streaming stick on a 2nd TV.

  • Roku is a great “grab-n-go” first streamer.
  • Streaming sticks are simple, low-cost and effective for FREE & LEGAL TV.

Tip99% of FREE Channels are junk.  Your time is not FREE.
Stick to recommended, popular FREE.

#2:  FREE TRIALS – Get over 6 months of FREE TV

Many of the popular streaming services offer FREE trials.  Some are 30+ days.  Take advantage of free trials when offered.  Most can be easily cancelled online. Keep those that you like.

TipRotate the trials
Save the trials for an upcoming sporting event or when your ready to binge watch your favorite show.

#3:  FREE LOCAL OVER-THE-AIR CHANNELS (if available in your area)

There is no such thing as an “HD” or “Digital” TV antenna.  You can use a TV antenna from the 1970s.

With a cheap indoor, flat antenna, there are reports of some areas getting 50+ channels.
Quality can be better than cable or any streaming service w/NO DATA CAPS.

  • Check the online reception mapsEnter your zipcode.  Reception map guides will give a good guess of available channels in your area and antenna recommendations.
  • If channels available, a cheap flat window antenna MAY work up to ~50 miles.
    • <30 mi a paperclip, 6″of bare coax. Any $0 DIY HDTV we have listed here.
    • 30 mi. – 50mi.  Engineered indoor flat antenna. A DIY antenna may work.
    • 50+ miles. Likely need an outdoor or attic antenna.

TipIf <30mi away from a tower, save a few bucks and build-your-own $0 DIY antenna.  A paperclip will even work.