Playlist Player

Playlist Player Beta

6.21.18 – No more.


Tipm3uBLACK is the stable version for those that don’t want to mess with Playlist Player BETA development.

Playlist Player BETA Highlights:

  • Parses RSS/XML, itunes playlists.  (json parsing coming soon).
  • Supports media formats: .mp4, .mp3, HLS, .ts, .mkv, and more.
  • Extracts title, description, media url from commonly used playlist formats.
  • Fail/error coding: Right button retry under different formats. (ie. Hail Mary auto mode)
  • That’s it!  A simple FREE blank playlist player with no annoying ads.
  • Does the player have bugs.  Oh yes! 😉  .
  • Is it in development?  When time permits.

The FREE, NO-AD player loading the FREE & LEGAL NOVA RSS podcast feed.

  • Add to Favorites
  • Unlimited playlist slots
  • Quickly add/edit/delete playlists
  • Quick keys for popular URL shorteners
  • Multiple stream format retry
  • Added support for vodcasts/podcasts
  • Added audio support
  • .. and more