Playlist Player

Playlist Player Beta
“New Black”

Our FREE, NO-ADS playlist player on Roku. We can no longer call it just M3UBlack as it supports many playlists formats.

Support for RSS/XML/M3U/itunes playlists.
A for fun/free beta brightscript project on Roku.
It works.ย  Not as good as the Android TV IPTV Players.

How/Where to Watch FREE:

non-certified beta code:ย  playlistplayerbeta

+ADD to RokuChat/Forums

Tipm3uBLACK is the stable version for those that don’t want to mess with Playlist Player BETA development.

Playlist Player BETA Highlights:

  • Parses RSS/XML, m3u, itunes playlists.ย  (json parsing coming soon).
  • Supports media formats: .mp4, .mp3, HLS, .ts, .mkv, and more.
  • Extracts title, description, media url from commonly used playlist formats.
  • Fail/error coding: Right button retry under different formats. (ie. Hail Mary auto mode)
  • That’s it!ย  A simple FREE blank playlist player with no annoying ads.
  • Does the player have bugs.ย  Oh yes! ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  .
  • Is it in development?ย  When time permits.

Why a non-certified channel? Beta channel?

  • The channel isnโ€™t ready for the Roku Channel Store (ie. Beta). Developers use non-certified channels to test their apps prior to submitting.
  • Developers like the freedom to make changes immediately without having to re-submit for approval.

The FREE, NO-AD player loading the FREE & LEGAL NOVA RSS podcast feed.

  • Add to Favorites
  • Unlimited playlist slots
  • Quickly add/edit/delete playlists
  • Quick keys for popular URL shorteners
  • Multiple stream format retry
  • Added support for vodcasts/podcasts
  • Added audio support
  • .. and more

As with most IPTV players, this one is BLANK of playlists and content. You find the content you want to watch. 100’s of video podcasts. In addition to m3u formatted playlists, the m3u player supports iTunes/RSS playlist formats.

Coming soon:ย  JSON parser which should be much faster on Roku than m3u.

FREE does not mean ripping LIVE streams, Pay-Per-View events, or other copyrighted content without authorization.