Peek under the hood of a popular HDTV antenna

A very popular FLAT HDTV ANTENNAhdtv_internals

Did we find ALIEN technology inside this paper thin antenna?  No.

My HDTV flat antenna was already peeling apart.  Out of curiosity, I peeled it back further and held it up to backlit window to reveal the internal antenna pattern. Looks like a simple HDTV antenna found on various DIY HDTV internet sites. The “good stuff” must be in the connector.  Nope, appears to be a simple balun (matching transformer).

hdtv-internal-300 hdtv_connector_2-300
HDTV  antenna pattern Inside connector

How easy could it be to build one out of aluminum flashing from Home Depot?  How would it perform?


I do agree with the experts.  Unless you use a known DIY HDTV pattern or understand antenna signal/wave theory, your wasting your time. But, I have a pattern to trace.

DIY HDTV antenna:



The DIY performed just as well as the official ~$30 store bought flat antenna.  However, the official one does look better on the wall.  I really didn’t save money after adding up my DIY costs to include time, labor and parts.  But, it was fun to build.