m3uBLACK Legacy


5.8.18 – Stable version with no further updates.
Beta development will continue on the No-AD Playlist Player.

How/Where to INSTALL:

+ADD to Roku (Code: m3ublack)


    • Add to Favorites
    • Unlimited playlist slots
    • Quickly add/edit/delete playlists
    • Quick keys for popular URL shorteners
    • Multiple stream format retry
    • Added support for vodcasts/podcasts
    • Added audio support
    • .. and more

Concern about non-certified warning when adding?

M3UBLACK/PlaylistPlayer does NOT include any content other than a partial demo stream of BigBuckBunny (c) copyright 2008, Blender Foundation / www.bigbuckbunny.org.ย  You can freely reuse and distribute this content, also commercially, for as long proper attribution is given.ย  Full attribution is given in the playlist title within the demo playlist.

M3UBLACK/PlaylistPlayer supports the same formats/playlists as the Official Roku Media Player.ย  Support for playlists:

Roku Media Player supports .pls, .m3u and .m3u8 playlists on a USB drive. The media in the playlist should have an extension that indicates the media type, for example .mp3, .mkv, .jpg, etc. Playlist entries can also point to a URL.

Video โ€“ H.264/AVC (.MKV, .MP4, .MOV)
Playlists โ€“.M3U, .M3U8, .PLS

(source: Roku)

The FREE, NO-AD m3u player loading the FREE & LEGAL NOVA RSS podcast feed.

As with most IPTV players, this one is BLANK of playlists and content.ย  You find the content you want to watch.ย  We have indexed 100’s of video podcasts that can viewed on m3uBlack.