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This modern take on the classic ’80s film follows a mom who is reentering the workforce and a dad who decides it’s his turn to stay at home with the kids. What could possibly go wrong? New episodes every Thursday!

Season 1 Episodes as of 03Oct19:

01. Pilot
Megan has a job interview and needs Greg to leave work early to watch the kids, but Greg is unprepared for the storm that awaits.

02. What About the Kids?
A big decision looms after Megan snares an unexpected job offer and Greg realizes his own career is stuck in neutral.

03. The List
On day one of their new arrangement, Megan has first day jitters at her new job while Greg tries to stick to a tight schedule at the house.

04. The Sandman
Megan and Greg are walking zombies as they deal with Zack’s sleep problems, and will try just about anything to get some much needed zzz’s.

05. Good Cop, Good Cop
Megan and Greg are struggling in their new roles and resort to parenting shortcuts to win over their kids.

06. Date Night
Megan and Greg head out for a date night that’s anything but ordinary.

07. The Salad Days
Through a series of anniversary flashbacks, we watch Greg and Megan’s relationship grow from the carefree honeymoon stage to the chaos of parenting.

08. Pitches Be Crazy
While Megan hits her stride at work, Greg’s start-up takes a nosedive.

09. Crickets
Greg is no match for Uncle Kenny’s adventure stories and exotic gifts, until the hunt for a rogue cricket becomes a midnight duel.

101. Official Trailer
Greg steps into the role of stay-at-home dad after his wife Megan lands her dream job. Having no prior experience managing a busy household and the schedules of two small children, Greg must find balance to keep it all running smoothly.