NASA TV – Live streams on YouTube

For those looking for a NASA TV live feed to “Cast-to-TV”, all three NASA live feeds – NTV1 (Public), NTV2 (Education), NTV3 (Media) – are broadcasting LIVE on YouTube.  Stream quality is capable of 720p HD.  As these live streams are on YouTube, all can easily be cast to tv from a cast-extension enabled PC Chrome browser  or directly from the YouTube app found on most streaming devices, tablets, phones and Smart TVs.

YouTube channels/streams:  nasa_public

TipRoku users – annoyed w/ads found with the NASA channel in the Roku Channel Store. Use the YouTube app and subscribe to the LIVE feeds.  No ads.

In addition, there is a live YouTube stream from Space Videos.  Currently streaming is footage from the ISS – Earth from space.  A continuous 720p stream of amazing images of Earth as seen from the International Space Station. New footage added daily , over 24 hours of unique content and growing.



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