In celebration of National Streaming Day you’ll find free premium entertainment from your favorite channels. Get streaming though – the titles below are only available through May 20

How/Where to Watch FREE:

-SHOWTIME | Season 1 of Billions, The Affair and Ray Donovan

-EPIX | Season 1 of Get Shorty

-FOX | Episodes of The FourBeat Shazam and The Love Connection

-Smithsonian Earth | Episodes of Guardians of the WildCasey Anderson’s Wild TracksThe Secret World of Animal SleepWild Castles and Arabian Seas.

-PeopleTV | People Wedding – Justin Hartley, episodes of Couch Surfing and The Perfect Fit

-Lifetime | Episode of Little Women: LA

-HISTORY VAULT | Episodes of Ancient Mysteries: Secrets of the RomanovsThird Reich: The Rise

-HISTORY | Episode of Truck Night in America

-A&E | The Murder of Laci Peterson